Disclosure, Disclaimer, Policies and Procedures

Nutritional Development often involves a lot of education and counseling. The following statements are to fully understand what is offered to official clients and what is expected from both client and practitioner.Nutritional Development has specific guidelines regarding diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements, and other approaches to help improve and balance the body chemistry. I understand and request that Brandy Todd CHN,CNDC assist me toward better health by conducting a hair mineral analysis test through ARL (Analytical Research Lab) a certified laboratory to make determinations toward my health goals with the Nutritional Development methods.I understand that a hair mineral analysis test is a screening method/test and that it is not used for diagnostic purposes. I understand that the test, the analysis of the test, and the recommendations provided to me are in no way intended as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, physical, mental, or otherwise. I acknowledge that Nutritional Development is not a replacement for other forms of licensed medical care that may be needed.I understand that Brandy Todd’s CHN,CNDC qualifications are the completion of certificate of Holistic Nutrition and a certificate of Nutritional Development/Balancing provided by Holistic Healers Academy in New Jersey since 2014 as well as other education and experiences related to the nutritional and holistic health fields. Brandy Todd CHN,CNDC holds her practice with the highest integrity, honesty, and respect to her clients and expects the same in return or either party is free to dissolve communication and business at any time.

For greater success of my progress on a properly administered Nutritional Development program as described above the following statements are understood:

All fees are due upon request of a Nutritional Development program either initial or retest. Forms of payment accepted are cash, check, money order, or Paypal. (all checks must be cleared before a test kit is sent out. Check are made out to Brandy Todd) (some discounts apply to family/groups (2 or more), seniors (65+), military, or low income situations with approval) Prices are subject to change at anytime and I will be notified immediately of any changes while an active client. Fees for a full Nutritional Development program include  hair mineral analysis results, lab booklet (initial only or retest upon request w/ additional cost), interpretation supervised by Dr. Larry Wilson including personally suggested program/protocols based on results, limited email support with each email not including longer than 10 mins to resolve between retests, emergency contact by text/phone if needed. I understand that I have the availability to request a phone consultation at $60/hr extra if it is not included in the program I ordered.Phone consultations included in your package need to be scheduled with in 2 weeks of receiving your program/protocol. Appointment times made for phone consultations are to be kept and that I am given a 15 minute window past the scheduled time to hold my appointment with out cancellation.  No charges are applied to unkept phone appointments and I can reschedule my phone consultation with in 2 weeks of canceled appointment. Please give a 24 hr notice in advance to cancel a scheduled phone consult. I understand that keeping in close communication with my practitioner will further add to my success of the program and I have available to me email or text to communicate or update my practitioner. I will do my best to send monthly updates on my progress and communicate any question, concerns or confusions to my practitioner.I understand that Brandy Todd CHN,CNDC, does her best to reply to communications in a timely manner within 24 hrs. And “office hours” are 9:00am est to 6:00pm est most days excluding Saturdays and major holidays.If an “emergency” should arise outside of the above working hours and I think I need to go to the emergency room for possible healing reactions, then I am to call Dr. Larry Wilson directly before going if I believe it may be related to the healing process of the Nutritional Development program.

  • This program requires continual updating as I heal deeper layers of the body and a retest is strongly suggested every 3-4 months.  Retest after 6 months is no longer considered a retest and an initial test process will be applied to the next test. Program prices do not cover supplements, equipment, or additional suggested procedures (ie: chiropractic, bodywork,,etc). These additional cost are my responsibilities. Products and services not offered or specifically suggested under Brandy Todd CHN,CNDC are used at my own discretion and product defects and counterfeit products (such as Endo-met supplements) are used under my own responsibility. Supplements suggested from Endo-met laboratories are to be purchased directly from them for my safety. I understand that by joining suggested newsletters and automated updates will keep me informed on new informations about the Nutritional Development program.  Brandy Todd CHN,CNDC does not accept health insurance nor acknowledges the HIPPA policy, and that all of my correspondences, files, records, health history, or all pertaining information is held in the highest security and confidentiality.Brandy Todd CHN,CNDC does her best to offer all information, guidance and counseling as needed to have the highest success on the program and that all information and suggestions are my responsibility to follow as outlined in all correspondences and files. All responsibilities not pertaining to or included in the above statements is waived.
  • This website and Dr. Wilson aim to tell the truth about all things at all times. We strive to avoid all ideological or other bias. If we find we have made an error, we correct it as soon as possible. 
  • Development science is a research science, so updates to the articles, the diet, the supplement program and the healing procedures do occur. We do our best to announce these clearly in the New Earth Blog and in the website articles.
  • Information we collect. We collect no information at all about people who browse this website. We also collect no information at all about people who choose to go on the basic or ‘free’ development program. 
  • If a person chooses to embark on a complete development program, he or she agrees to provide at least their name, address, phone number, and age. We also need basic information about a person’s diet, lifestyle, medical history and symptoms to set up healing programs. We also require a tissue mineral analysis at least once every six months in order for a person to remain on the full program. 
  • Occasionally, we will assist someone even if we do not have all of this information, but it is all helpful and usually required. Clients on the full program also agree to allowing Dr. Wilson to attempt to access the person’s souls to find out what is needed for healing. 
  • What we do with your information. Client information is shared with the coach who works with the person’s Helper. No client information is shared with any organization or government agency without the client’s permission. The only exception would be if the information were needed for a legal case and was requested by a properly authorized and signed subpoena.
  • HIPAA. The development program and this website do not participate in the American medical privacy program popularly called HIPAA. We are not required to participate because Dr. Wilson is not a licensed physician.
  • We strive first to do no harm. To this end, we are very careful about the advice we give. 
  • Today, many doctors and hospitals lie to patients in order to avoid lawsuits. This is called defensive medicine. We never do this.
  • Dr. Wilson has a medical degree, but is not licensed to practice medicine in Arizona. We believe that medical licensing violates the rights to assemble and the right to offer and receive services guaranteed by the American national and state constitutions.
  • Dr. Wilson and Brandy Todd uses only apple computers because we are told they are more secure than Windows computers.
  • This website does not use cookies.
  • All articles and books linked to this website from Dr. Wilson's website may be accessed and read at no charge. 
  • All information in the articles and books is solely the opinion of the author and is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health condition, mental or physical, real or imaginary. Dr. Wilson has a medical degree, but is not licensed in Arizona and works as a nutrition consultant only. None of the material on this website has been approved by any government agency.
  • All articles and books are copyrighted. If you wish to repost an article, please ask permission by sending us an email.
  • We speak and live the lifestyle and attitudes we recommend on this website. We have no hidden agendas or secret policies.
  • If a problem arises that we cannot resolve through discussion, we first will resort to mediation. If this is not successful, we will resort to arbitration. Only if these are not effective would we consider using the legal system, which is costly and slow.
  • We require the same for our Helpers.

Disclaimer. All information on this website is only the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only. Development science and nutritional balancing are methods to reduce stress on the body. They are not intended as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any health condition. Brandy Todd has a certificate in nutrition and works as a unlicensed nutrition consultant.