1. Why is it called the development program?  Because it causes a deep and fairly permanent type of healing that we call development.  

2. What does it involve?  The program has four parts:

     a) A very specific diet. Do not combine it with other diets.

     b) A basic healthful lifestyle, especially lots of rest.

     c) Seven nutritional supplements – and not other vitamins, minerals, or herbs.  You can remain on prescribed medication, if needed.

     d) Several detoxification procedures.   Of these, the diet is the most important.  It is an alkaline, gluten-free, omnivorous diet.  Begin with the diet.  If you skip the        diet, the program will not work

3. Is healing the same for everyone?  No, but many people benefit from the starter program.  This article actually includes three programs – one for adults, one for children, and one for pregnant and lactating women.A complete or full program is more powerful because it is individualized and supervised, but many people like getting started on their own, so we offer the free program, as well.

4. How much does it cost? You will need to buy the correct food and ideally, the nutritional supplements.  Spring water is helpful, as well.  This is little more costly than a standard diet, but not that much for most people.  If you add the healing procedures, there is some, but not much additional cost.The free program saves $150-250.00 USD when starting out. However, it is not necessarily less costly than a supervised program.  


1. Follow a program.  If you want to develop quickly, follow a complete development program and the suggestions in the Young Person’s Manual.  Just wishing for development will not cause it to occur.

2. Timing.  Everyone develops at their own pace, so do not compare yourself with others.  Many factors influence how fast you will develop, including:

     a. How ill you are.  This is not easy to assess, since many health conditions are hidden or sub-clinical.  These include chronic infections, and metal and chemical toxicity.

      b. How well you adhere to the development program.  The most important parts of the program are the diet and the pulling down exercise, but all aspects can be critical to speed up development.  Spending an hour or, better yet, two hours daily or more with the pulling down exercise is critical.The goal of the pulling down exercise is to bring in a maximum amount of new etheric energy into the body.  This regenerates the body, extends life and improves health.  

     c. How much rest and relaxation you obtain.

     d. Your stress level and occupation.

     e. Your living situation.  For example, in some cases, a good marriage can speed up development by providing emotional, mental and other support.  In other cases, living alone is much better because one can retain more sexual fluid, one wastes less time socializing, and one is not in the energy field of another person most of the time.

     f. Other factors.  These can include the toxicity level of the body, genetic factors, and one’s personality and emotions.

3. The will.  Development involves strengthening the will.

4. Discipline.  Development involves some discipline, which you will learn along the way by following a development program.

5. Service.  Development is not only a way to improve health and extend your life.  It is also an important type of service to humanity and beyond.  Development serves everyone because:

      a. Developing oneself turns a person into a broadcaster of healing energy.

      b. Developing oneself sets an example that makes it easier for others to follow.

      c. As you develop, you are able to help heal others at a distance by sharing nutrients, thoughts and more from your body more easily.  This is empathic healing.

      d. Developing yourself actually improves the overall energy of the entire universe.  

How long does it take for healing to occur?
Some people experience improvement in a matter of days to weeks. However, deep and permanent body chemistry restoration takes time - from a few months to a few years or more. Beyond that, development will continue indefinitely. As long as you stick with the program, your health will continue to improve. 

Disclaimer. All information on this website is only the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only. Development science and nutritional balancing are methods to reduce stress on the body. They are not intended as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any health condition. Brandy Todd has a certificate in nutrition and works as a unlicensed nutrition consultant.